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Vacuum Blower


Versatile, Efficient Vacuum for Improved Production

Overview - Manufacturing and production organizations in a variety of industries from pharmaceutical to food and beverage use industrial vacuum for a wide range of applications including non-contact material hold-down, material conveying, package filling, dust/debris/lint collection, etc. Equipment such as industrial blowers and AC motor control devices used to help generate the vacuum becomes a vital part of the production process and must deliver the highest levels of availability and energy efficiency in order to positively impact production results.

Production facilities that use industrial vacuum applications effectively must focus on:

  • Energy consumption and equipment efficiency
  • Limited space for equipment in production environment
  • Equipment downtime affecting production throughput
  • Heat generated from equipment
  • Application requirements for contaminant free air
  • Noise levels
  • Difficult equipment operating procedures
  • Difficulty reconfiguring equipment for new applications
  • Equipment maintenance

Products that contribute to vacuum systems should deliver:

  • Wide performance range (volume / pressure)
  • Energy efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Class 0 air delivery
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Quiet operation (<49dBA>)
  • Variable speed control option
  • Space saving design
  • Application flexibility
  • Minimal generated heat