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How to Buy Hitachi Industrial Equipment online

How to Buy

At Hitachi Industrial Equipment and Solutions America, our portfolio gets bigger and wider with every passing year. Our dedicated teams are working around the clock to develop and engineer industrial equipment that will enable our customers and partners to drive operational efficiency across manufacturing and production facilities throughout the Americas.

As the product line grows, we build a wide array of industrial equipment, products, and solutions that can assist in resolving your production issues. To ensure a convenient purchase journey and to help you in selecting the product that best suits your industrial requirements in a few easy steps, we’ve created this page so you can focus on buying your preferred product.

If you are looking for further information or are ready to buy, please choose the appropriate product line to be connected to an authorized Hitachi distributor in the Americas. Whatever the application, Hitachi Industrial Equipment and Solutions America provides the right equipment to keep the production line running.

Hitachi-branded industrial products can only be purchased from Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America (HIESA) authorized distributors and resellers, or directly from HIESA. (Click to learn more)