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Industrial Submersible Pump Motors

Industrial Submersible Pump Motors

With an extensive portfolio of submersible motors, Hitachi Industrial Equipment and Solutions America is an established submersible motor manufacturer. We also offer well motors, water well pump motors, and electric submersible pumps which are used by the government authorities for municipal water service. Hitachi submersible motors are extremely reliable and are designed to perform optimally in different environments, producing consistent results for extended periods. Providing a complete range of submersible pump motors ranging in size from 6 inches through 14 inches, and in ratings of 5 hp through 300 hp, our submersible pumps motors are used across the World, ensuring effective industrial irrigation and building water supply. We’ve utilized our technological expertise to manufacture 6’’ Canned Type submersible motor that has excellent heat resistance against thermal fluctuations and internal stress, and our 8’’ and Larger Rewindable Water-Tight Type submersible motor comes with highest quality construction, operable under severe conditions. Please browse our complete portfolio of submersible pump motors to learn which product suits your industrial needs and requirements.

Canned Type

2P 3,600/3000 rpm
Model- VCTI-KK

Rewindable Water-Tight Type

2P 3,600 / 3,000rpm
4P 1,800rpm
Model: VTI-KK