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Software Downloads

Software Downloads

Hitachi provides free industrial inverters software downloads, including drive programming software, and other related software. The industrial inverter software makes the operation of Hitachi industrial inverters smooth and easy. Browse through the following sections to download software related to Hitachi industrial inverters:

Drive Programming Software

Hitachi industrial inverter configuration and programming software is available for download at no charge. You are free to download, install and use the software in accordance with Hitachi software license agreement.

The ProDrive Next Software is compatible with following series of Hitachi industrial inverters:

  • NES1
  • WJ-C1
  • WJ200
  • L700
  • SJ700B
  • SJ700
  • X200
  • SJ-P1

To download ProDrive Next, click on the link given below. Once you have submitted the download form, select Save (do not select Open or Run) to download the software to your computer.

Installation procedure for ProDrive Next Version

  • Please download and save the file ProDriveNext
  • Please unzip or extract all the files. Once the files are all extracted, please find the "Setup.exe" file inside the folder click on "Setup.exe" file to install the software.
  • Please allow the software to install all packages, there may be short pauses in between software installations. In total there will be 5 install packages that must complete or the ProDrive Next will not install correctly.
  • After the installation of the ProDrive Next software package, open ProDrive Next using the newly installed icon within the Programs files in your computer, and click on "Configuration" on top of tool bar.
  • Then click on "Update Catalog" to get all the devices installed or updates from previous data files.
  • You can now begin creating new parameter and program files with the ProDrive Next projects.

The ProDrive Software is compatible with following series of Hitachi industrial inverters:

  • L100-XFU, L100-MFU2, L100-MFR2
  • L200-XFU, L200-XFU2
  • L300P-XFU, L300P-XBRM, L300P-XFU2
  • SJ200-XFU, SJ200-XFU2
  • SJ100-XFU
  • X200
  • SJ700
  • SJH300-XF
  • SJ300EL
  • SJ300-XFU

To download ProDrive drive configuration software, please click on the link below:

This will start the download of a zip file containing the installation program. The file extension of that installation program file has been changed to ".ex_" to allow it to pass through firewalls. First, extract the file, and then change the file extension to ".exe" so you can run the installation program in the usual way.

Note: If you cannot see the file extension, you will not be able to rename the file extension. Follow the instructions below to change your settings in Windows that control visibility of file extensions:

For Microsoft Windows XP®

  • Got to My Computer.
  • Click on the Tools menu and select Folder Options.
  • Click on the View tab and uncheck the option "Hide file extensions for known file types".
  • Click OK. You should now be able to see and rename the file as .exe, as explained above.

For other operating systems, consult your help documentation.

Software Support & Updates
Support Icon Support

ProDrive US Inverter Support - Required Update

The following update is REQUIRED to add the support for US model families of Hitachi Inverter to your ProDrive Version installation. Follow the steps below to install this update:

  • Install ProDrive from the link given in the previous section.
  • Download and install the ProDrive Software Version UPDATE from the link below. The link will download a zip file.
  • Unzip the files to your main ProDrive program folder, which also contains the prodrive.exe file.

Note: When you start ProDrive, be sure to select the support for US inverters in the ProDrive Setting window.

ProDrive Software Version UPDATE

DeviceNet Support

Click on the links below to download Hitachi DeviceNet support files for Hitachi inverters:

IMPORTANT: DO NOT connect the cable to your computer BEFORE installing the USB-CONVERTERCABLE driver.

L100DN2 Series EDS File

SJ100DN2 Series EDS File

SJ-DN2 DeviceNet Communication Board EDS File


Click on the link below to download PROFIBUS Support file:

SJ-PB PROFIBUS Communication Board GSD File

SJ300-EL Elevator Inverter Support

Follow the link below to access SJ300-EL Elevator Inverter Support page, which includes the SJ300-EL Parameter Calculating Program for Constant Jerk Rate.

SJ300-EL Jerk Rate Calculator


Follow the link to allow the WJ200 inverter to communicate over a Profinet factory network

WJ-PN zip
Icon drivers Drivers


In order to connect your Windows-based PC to a Hitachi inverter using the USB-CONVERTERCABLE, a driver must first be installed on your PC. Please download the file below, and run the setup program to install the driver.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT connect the cable to your computer BEFORE installing the USB-CONVERTERCABLE driver.

USB-CONVERTERCABLE Driver Version 1025

Program Icon Programs

HVAC Energy Savings Program

Follow the link below to download Hitachi HiSAVE VFD Energy Savings Estimator:

HiSAVE VFD Energy Savings Estimator