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Industrial Laser Printing systems

Laser Systems

Usable across a diverse set of industrial marking and coding applications, Hitachi Laser Systems deliver high-quality performance in terms of date coding, product marking, and variable printing onto different products that are used by consumers globally.

With years of experience and technological expertise, Hitachi offers a range of specialized laser markers. From a 9.3um Wavelength CO2 based Vector laser marker series ideally suited for coding on plastics, glass, or paper to the 10.2um Wavelength high-performance laser marker series designed specifically for coding on polyethylene and other plastics, our portfolio has excellent options for your industrial marking and coding requirements.

Explore our collection of the industrial laser systems to select the product that meets the requirements of your facility.

Hitachi Laser LM-C300 Series 10.2um Wavelength

10.2um Wavelength

Film and Foil

Hitachi Laser Printer -10.6um Wavelength

10.6um Wavelength

Paper and Glass