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Printer Communication Solutions

Communication Solutions

In addition to providing our customers with more standard networking options than any inkjet company, Hitachi Industrial Equipment and Solutions America has developed ways to make coding equipment solutions even more powerful. Hitachi’s revolutionary Software Defined Controller provides options for easier integration in the technology on your production line. Hitachi UX-Dynamic printers include several common communication protocols as standard, adapting to your manufacturing environment as protocols evolve.

Communication Solutions from Hitachi eliminate the requirement of middleware in your production line equipment. Discover what no middleware can mean for your production line.

Hitachi Coding Software Suite (HCSS)

Hitachi Coding Software Suite (HCSS) is a software solution that enables users to remotely design messages and monitor Hitachi inkjet printers. In addition, the HCSS enables centralized management of messages, which reduces operator errors , improves equipment visibility, and increase plant productivity.