Speed units of Max freqency (A075)

In this program, acceleration and jerk rate are assumed to be input in the following units, based on speed units of A075:
SpeedAccelerationJerk rateNote
HzHz/sHz/s2These units are used when frequency conversion function is disabled.
L/TL/T2L/T3L and T are the length and time units specified in the speed. Any units can be used and results are calculated accordingly, as long as L and T are identical among these three quantities. m/s is a typical case where m and s are selected for L and T respetively.
feet/minfeet/s2feet/s3These units are commonly used in elevator applications in the US. Note that the time unit for speed is minutes while the others are seconds. This program takes into account this inconsistency of units. Make sure that result is different from m/s (or other).

The speed units used for max freqency (A075) is only relevant to this calculator program. THe SJ300-EL doesn't care about speed units. All parameters are shown and entered with the identical units that user adopts for parameter A075.