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Continuous Inkjet Printer

Continuous Inkjet Printer

Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ) operate by jetting precisely-controlled droplets of ink onto primary packaging such as cans, bottles, films, and other forms of primary packaging substrates. These codes are used to print expiration dates, otherwise known as best-before-dates, as well as lot numbers, production information, and barcodes. The unique nature of Continuous Inkjet Technology allows for clear and concise codes to be printed at high speeds, all while taking up a small footprint in the packaging line. This allows Hitachi’s UX series to be easily integrated into automated filling and packaging machines.

Hitachi provides a wide array of ink formulations that allow our codes to adhere to all forms of primary packaging such as paper, PP, PET, HDPE, glass, and metal, and films.

Explore our diverse offerings of Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printers below.



The new Hitachi UX2 printer combines innovation with the reliability customers have come to expect from Hitachi. It has several new features to enhance the coding process. Interactive videos available on the printer screen allowing line operator to troubleshoot. A new sealed Safe-Clean Station is added for your convenience and safety. This cleaning station thoroughly cleans and dries in one simple operation. Eliminate the need for open solvents when cleaning the print head. As the solvent volatilized during drying is sucked out by the air pump and discharged through the exhaust duct, the operator is not exposed to the solvent gas. All used make-up cleaning solvent is captured in a sealed reservoir.

Hitachi Inkjet Printer UX Basic Model


While this model may be labeled basic, it is anything but. This model has a standard Hitachi interface, allowing for easy change of codes and keeping your Hitachi continuous inkjet printer running efficiently. The printer allows for up to 3 lines of code and 240 characters, providing several combinations of coding information to be added to primary packaging. This model can be easily added to a manufacturing production line and line operators quickly trained to move finished products out the door.

Hitachi Inkjet Printer UX Series Dynamic Model


With the Dynamic Model continuous inkjet printer from Hitachi, the equipment accommodates double the number of lines of code (up to 6 lines). What’s more, this model uses easy drain ink cartridges, making the task of changing out cartridges safer and quicker, getting your production line back up and running. The model uses the industry-leading Hitachi interface, which provides clear instructions for code and ink cartridge changes, making running your continuous inkjet printer easier than ever.

Twin Nozzle Cartridge Model


If your production line needs more coding variation due to an increased number of SKUs, and more advanced dot matrix formulation, the Twin Nozzle Cartridge Hitachi inkjet printer is the solution. This model provides a twin nozzle feature, allowing for adaptive 8-line printing capabilities. The versatile 64-dot continuous inkjet printing feature creates clear codes that can be used on a variety of primary packaging materials. Like the other Hitachi models, the reliability of the Hitachi printers is the gold standard in the industry.

Pigmented Cartridge Model


Many codes are moving to pigmented ink for better visualization and ease of reading. Pigmented ink, because of the varied chemical properties, can cause issues with inkjet printers. Hitachi’s Pigmented Cartridge model has been specifically designed to handle the issues that can occur with pigmented inks, including printhead nozzle blockage and corrosion. This model allows for up to 8-line printing and 64-dot coding capabilities and adheres to the reliability standards companies have come to expect from Hitachi.